Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Of Contests and Discontent

Marcus Sakey recently had a contest on both of his blogsites, The Outfit and Killer Year. It seems he was having trouble coming up with a name for his second book, due out next year. You can read the post to get an idea of what the book will be like. Anyway, I sent in a couple of ideas, Marcus liked one, and BAM!, now I get a cool signed UK edition of The Blade Itself.

Everything’s groovy, right? Well, I happened to mention my excitement to mystery fan/blogger Dan Wagner of The Hungry Detective. He was happy for me and supportive. Initially. But then, as a regular reader of his blog, I find that I have been publicly maligned by said Wagner. Just because I increased my odds by NOT telling him about the contest. Well, my friend, mystery novels are a tough world. If you can’t live in it, you can watch from the outside. And allow me to return your scorn:

You, sir, are a doo-doo-head.

But you should still read his blog anyway. Besides, he’s already given me the title for one of my books: Cagey (KG)Bastards. When this book will be written, let alone published, is anyone’s guess. But the title’s there, and the idea. And then he goes and says something nice about me... What's a guy to think?

And while you're at it, go out and get Marcus' book. And his next one, too. No matter what it ends up being called...


Marcus Sakey said...

Hey, tell Dan I'll still welcome suggestions--and if I end up using one, the offer to thank him in the acknowledgements and name a character after him stands.

May as well call the man out, right? ;)

Daniel Wagner said...

Challenge accepted!