Monday, May 14, 2007

And Sorry to You, Too, Kenny

The Cincinnati Reds are what I would consider a hard-luck club. They always seem to be improving one part of their game while a part they thought was solid is slipping away. Last year saw the emergence of Bronson Arroyo as a dominant NL pitcher, but the offense slid away. In the years before that, their offense seemed to be solid with Felipe Lopez, Felipe Crespo, Adam Dunn, Austin Kearns, and of course Ken Griffey. This year, neither seems to be working. They have a new owner, reportedly a baseball guy through-and-through, so there is hope that this can change.

But it's not going to change this year. The Reds are currently 15-23 and are 9 games out of a playoff spot. Now, this isn't an unsurmountable lead to overcome, but there are 11 teams ahead of them that already have a head start.

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