Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I'm Back!

And better than ever. Or, at least, that's what Mike Greenberg says all the time. No, not about me, he just says it. Oh, never mind.

I've taken a little vacation it seems. It's been over a week since I posted here. I even missed my weekly chance to dash the hopes of another complete nation of fans by telling them that their team was not going to win the World Series. Y'know, like I did with the Pirates last week. Yes, the same Pirates that are in second place right now, a week later. No, I'm not going to take it back. That would be cheating.

But allow me to correct that oversight right now by telling you about the Houston Astros. They were waiting for their savior, Roger Clemens. But he's not coming. He's not. He's going for even more money instead, and getting it from the Yankees. They've got Roy Oswalt for their pitching and Morgan Ensberg for their hitting, but not much in between other than age. If they had Clemens, I might give them a shot. But they don't. Sorry, Texas, your two teams are now officially done.

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