Sunday, December 5, 2010

Weekend TV: Life 1.5

I felt really bad for not getting a LIFE post up last week, and if it were the will of the long afternoon nap, I wouldn't get one up today, either. The opening of this episode reminds me of the original LETHAL WEAPON, with a young woman falling through the air, only to smash the top of a car. The woman in this episode wears angel's wings, as if she fell from heaven. Crews and Reese's investigation leads them to a Russian gangster (the fantastic Garrett Dillahunt, probably most widely seen in NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, but also great in this year's WINTER'S BONE), who has some insight for Charlie in his larger search.

Charlie again drops his goody-goody facade when he decides to protect the lawyer who freed him from prison. Her new client attacks her and Charlie tracks him down through contacts, and a little coersion:

When he catches up to the new client, he symbolically removes his badge and gun before he beats him, and provides a bookend to his line in the previous scene, about not being a cop right now.

What's really interesting about these two scenes is that they bring into question whether Charlie is truly using his zen teachings to cope with life, or if it's just a convenient excuse to see the world the way he wants to see it. The framing of Charlie in the mirror seems to suggest that he has identified this problem and needs to work on a little more self-awareness to find out.

Here's the whole episode:

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