Sunday, December 5, 2010

Weekend TV: Human Target 2.3

Uh oh. We're seeing the first signs of strain in the new season of HUMAN TARGET. Remember last week when I said the scenes with the young thief seem forced? Well, now she's the focus of an episode where she gets in trouble and needs Chance's help to get her out. Not only is Chance not protection-for-hire (the concept of the series) for the second week in a row, but this woman he picked up is playing the damsel-in-distress early on. When Chance risked his neck for Winston or Guerrero, it's because he had a long history with them. But he just met this woman! And not only is she a female that needs to be rescued, we also get her stripped-down and oiled-up in her cat burglar capacity (Complete with close-ups of writhing bodies in tight places. Sigh.) I retain hope that this is a momentary blip, but I'm keeping my eyes wide open.

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