Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Terriers Season Finale!

I don't know how many of you have been following my TERRIERS posts on the weekend, or how many have started watching the show because of them. But tonight is very important to the show, as the season finale is airing tonight on FX at 10pm ET. To help prevent this episode from becoming the series finale, I would encourage everyone, fan or not, to check out the episode tonight when it airs.

The show has struggled, some say due to its promotion, but is another excellent entry in FX's series of crime dramas. If you liked any or all of THE SHIELD, RESCUE ME, OVER THERE, DAMAGES, SONS OF ANARCHY, or JUSTIFIED you should be watching this show. If you like Donal Logue of GROUNDED FOR LIFE, THE TAO OF STEVE or his second-season stint on another great crime show, LIFE, you should be watching this show. If you liked Michael Raymond-James from his stint as the bayou-drawlin' Rene Lenier on TRUE BLOOD, you should be watching this show. And, especially, if you liked the character-driven storytelling that Shwan Ryan, who is executive producer of the show, brought to THE SHIELD, or the brotherly closeness that series creator Ted Griffin brought to scripts like OCEAN'S 11 or MATCHSTICK MEN, then you should definitely be watching this show.

At least give it a shot tonight. Let's all stand together for quality programming. You scratch our backs, we'll scratch yours.

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And there is a special message about tonight's finale from the creative team, via HitFix.

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