Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weekend TV: Life 1.3

In this episode, Crews and Reese investigate a crash/car-jacking and a husband with amnesia. (Interesting how both episodes this weekend deal with amnesiacs.) But the sub-text pertaining to Crews' noir status is contained in these two scenes:

First, Crews faces the lead detective that sent him to jail

Crews's statement that he didn't appreciate his life suggests a need for the dark side, that without the contrast, there is no way to value what you have, and indicates that the dark side is now a permanent part of who he is.

The next two scenes tie together

The chase shows that, even though Crews has been re-instated as a cop, it's still his con instincts that take over when his life is on the line. The second scene shows his willingness to try to change, to find redemption on level ground, as well as the pressure that he and his partner are under due to the settlement.

Here's the full episode:

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