Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Noir Series, Part 1

It's almost time once again for the annual "Essential Film Noir" film series to start at the Dryden Theatre in Rochester, NY. Once again, we will take 8 consecutive Thursdays in January and February to watch some of the best classic films noir on the big screen, and I am very proud to announce some extra-special guests that will be joining us this year to talk about the films and their influence.

We start off the 2011 series on January 6 with THE MALTESE FALCON. You may not think there's anything else to say about the San Francisco-based P.I. film, but I'll be talking with author Sean Chercover, Shamus-winning author of the P.I. Ray Dudgeon series, and a former private investigator himself. If anyone has something new to reveal about the film, it will be Sean. In between, he'll be signing copies of his Ray Dudgeon books. Visit Sean's website at http://chercover.com/

On January 13, we'll have a double feature of Don Siegel-directed noirs, starting with THE LINEUP and finishing with THE BIG STEAL. THE LINEUP is based on the police procedural series of the same name. Eli Wallach, in only his second big-screen role is the noir focus of this film, as a psychotic thug hired to retrieve some smuggled drugs. Robert Mitchum returns to noir in THE BIG STEAL as a man on the run from the US Army, either absconding with or tracking down stolen funds. Watch the trailers here:

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