Friday, November 5, 2010

The Noir Series, Part 4

The last two weeks of the series feature a rarely-seen classic and a returning favorite. On February 17, we will screen the first pairing of Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas in I WALK ALONE. Running rum in the 20s, Lancaster is caught but doesn't talk. On the outside, Douglas goes straight and opens a successful nightclub with the bootlegging profits. When he gets out of prison, Lancaster wants his share of the profits and Douglas's girl (Lizabeth Scott).

The last noir film of the series is the classic heist film THE ASPHALT JUNGLE, screening on February 27. Being a bit of a heist aficionado himself, and in the midst of writing a caper novel, noir author Charles Benoit returns after a successful 2010 event to answer more questions about how film noir has influenced his writing and how his new book YOU has been recieved.

I am looking forward to another successful series and expect to see all of you there!

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