Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Noir Series, Part 2

On January 2o, 2o11 the "Essential Film Noir" series will feature the 1946 Joan Crawford MILDRED PIERCE a full two months before the new HBO version featuring Kate Winslet airs. The story of a mother who would do anything for her daughter is accompanied by a talk with film noir scholar and Turner Classic Movies employee Shannon Clute, who has a book coming out in 2011 with co-author Richard Edwards. The two have filled the web airwaves with darkness from their podcasts "Out of the Past: Investigating Film Noir" and "Behind the Black Mask: Mystery Writers Revealed." Shannon will talk about the influence of literature on noir, and the influence of noir on literature.

January 27 will feature the Ronald Colman film A DOUBLE LIFE. Colman won the Oscar for this 1947 portrayal of an actor who loses himself too deeply in a murderous part.

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