Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weekend TV: Life 1.2

Crews and Reese have come to an understanding. They don't exactly like each other, but they respect each other. Reese decides she's not a rat, despite her Lieutenant telling her that the force is not the safest place for Crews. They are called to a crime scene where a bride was killed on her wedding night.

Crews doesn't act out like he did in the pilot episode, but he does demonstrate how prison has changed him when he looks into a suspect's eyes and determines that he is innocent. After all, he tells the LT, "I've been around a lot of guys who've killed their wives." It is this type of human observation that Crews has honed in prison, needing to read people and pre-judge them before interacting with them. And it is this skill that makes him a better detective, although it doesn't help him obey orders any better.

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