Friday, February 19, 2010

From Dana Andrews to Shutter Island

I'm not big on multiple posts per day, but this post's timeliness is today and today only.

Last night I introduced the Dana Andrews film WHERE THE SIDEWALK ENDS at the Dryden Theatre (Videos coming soon! I promise!). Today, I came across this review by Ann Hornaday for the film SHUTTER ISLAND that opens this weekend. In it she states: "Teddy, a World War II veteran haunted by what he saw liberating Dachau, as well as the death of his wife, recalls the world-weary antiheroes played by Dana Andrews in so many noir classics."

Everything that is old is new again. And if you like "new noir," come to the Dryden this weekend to see MISSING PERSON, the 2009 detective story. Our special guest will be Oscar-nominated actor Michael Shannon, the star of the film.

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