Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Charles Benoit and Dark Passage

I haven't been around for two weeks? It's hard to believe. I've been keeping busy, believe me. Like last week, for instance. I invited my good friend, author Charles Benoit, over for a conversation, and all these people showed up.

Actually, the event went off really well. The Curtis Theatre was packed, Charles was great, the crowd was great, the film was great, and I was grateful. Not only to Charles, but also to everyone who helped this event come together: Dan Wagner, Charlie Allen, Dresden Engle, Eliza Kozlowski, Deborah Stoiber, Antonella Bonfanti, Pat Doyen, and especially Jim Healy. These are some of the pictures from the event (oh yeah, a really big thanks to Kurt Brownell, too). I'm saving some for when I really need bail money.

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