Friday, February 19, 2010

Agatha Nominations

We interrupt this blog to bring you this very special news!

Both Lorraine Bartlett (writing as Lorna Barrett) and Lisa Bork received Agatha nominations! Lisa was nominated in the category of Best First Traditional Mystery for the first book in her Broken Vows series, FOR BETTER, FOR MURDER. And Lorraine was nominated for Best Traditional Mystery of the year for the third book in her Booktown Mystery series, BOOKPLATE SPECIAL.

What makes this such very special news? Both Lorraine and Lisa are from Rochester! Along with Edgar-nominated Charles Benoit, this is getting to be a hotbed of crime fiction. I am so excited! Exclamation point!

I have links on the right side of the page to all three authors' websites. If you have a few free minutes, hop over to their pages and look around. Read a blog. Leave a message, say HI. And make sure to congratulate them. They deserve it.

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