Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bouchercon Pre-Game, Part 2

Tursday, October 9
1:30pm - An online writing group I belong to, the Guppies, read Julie Hyzy's book State of the Onion for analysis. She'll be at a panel at this time. About food. Huh?

3:00pm - I'm tempted to be at the panel which features Thomas Cook and the Anthony-nominated native Baltimorean Laura Lippman, but I may end up at the "Law enforcement in novels, fact vs. fiction" panel. Again, no authors I've read, but I've got cops in my novel.

4:30pm - This is a tough one. Barabara Peters and Robert Rosenwald of Poisoned Pen Press are getting interviewed for their Lifetime Achievement. Robert Gregory Browne is on a panel about criminal masterminds. And there is a panel about "What I Wish I Knew Starting Out." For someone starting out, it might not be a bad panel.

7pm - We'll probably have grabbed some dinner by now, but the Opening Ceremonies start at 7, and most everyone will be there. We'll have some drinks, present some awards, and mingle.



I'm gonna try and attend next year. Planning my trip over from the UK and will try and coincide with Bouchercon. Sound like great fun.

Jared said...

It'll be in Indianapolis next year. Tell you what. If you make it over, I'll definitely buy you a pint (if we can find one in the MidWest) in exchange for on-the-set stories.