Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bouchercon Preview, Volume 2

Again, the entire program is here.

Friday, October 16

Christa Faust is featured in "More Noir Than You Are," but Sean Chercover is making himself seen again in "Short, Dark and Good Reading." And the concept of "Which End is Up?" intrigues me: debating plotting forward vs. writing backward from the end. I have a feeling my inner Noir will win out, though.

Also at this time (from 9:45-11:15) there will be a speed-dating type of introduction to new authors, including local author Lisa Bork. I may have to stop in and see how she's doing.

Get this. All the panels at this time have something to offer for me. Conceptually, there is a panel of "Agents and Editors," one on "Police Procedure" and "The PI Novel Through the Years" featuring Max Allan Collins and SJ Rozan talking about the last four decades of the form. Then there's Marcus Sakey talking about plotting from character in "Character is Destiny" and Megan Abbott and Derek Nikitas talking about "The Dark Side of the Fair Sex." No matter what I do, I'll end up feeling guilty.

After lunch is the featured Guest of Honor interview with Michael Connelly, conducted by Michael Koryta. This panel is running unopposed.

If I'm not already exhausted, I'll have to choose between Louise Penny talking about "Ordinary People, Extraordinary Circumstances" and a big heaping helping of backstory in "The Past is Always Present."

Another decision. This time between SJ Rozan talking about "Keeping it Fresh" and a panel on the dangers of modeling characters on real people in "You Talking About Me?" Although, if my good friend Charles Benoit was coming this year, he'd likely be on the panel called "Murder at the Edge of the Map," which was tailor-made for him, and I would definitely be there to support him.

I'll be on my own Friday night. I could use it to catch up on some sleep. Or hang out in the bar.

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pattinase (abbott) said...

Jared-I may have already asked you, and if I repeat myself, I apologize, but I wonder if you would care to write about a forgotten book on my blog in November.