Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What I Learned at Bouchercon - 2009 Edition

Bouchercon is always a hectic 3-4 days of information overload, and it's always nice to sit back and take stock of what you've seen and heard. It's way too much to write a full post about, so I'll just give you the bullet points:

- Rochester is 9 hours from Indianapolis. It breaks down pretty well: 2 hours in New York, 1 hour in Pennsylvania, 5 hours in Ohio and 1 hour in Indiana.
- According to Sean Chercover, Toronto (on the other side of the lake) is 9 1/2 hours from Indianapolis.
- Indianapolis is the 12th largest metropolitan area in the US (credit: new friend Paul Vasquez)
- Indianapolis is the "Crossroads of America," where US 65 (Mobile to Gary) and US 70 (Baltimore to Cove Fort, UT) intersect.
- Jim Huang is full of good ideas. The Continuous Conversation was always interesting and the New Authors speed-dating event transferred over well from Malice Domestic.
- Always listen to James Scott Bell.
- Translating a book from another language is hard.
- You want Max Allan Collins to sneeze.
- Sean Chercover's Ray Dudgeon series was this close.
- Canadians dress funny. At least on their panels.
- No matter what Trey Barker says, I love it when authors get recognized. Congratulations again to Brett Battles, Julie Hyzy, Christa Faust and Sean Chercover.
- SJ Rozan gives good interview and I eagerly anticipate her trip to Rochester.
- I love talking to Terence Faherty.
- Video games at Bouchercon? It kinda works.
- Films are as much an influence on current authors as books are.
- Lockerbie Square is a beautiful place to live near a major downtown area.
- I have to read Stephen Jay Schwartz's book soon.
- I still don't know which Terence Faherty book is going to be the "Book You Have to Read."
- I have to read Derek Nikitas' books soon.
- I have to read more and sleep less.
- Write with your head down.
- Absent friends are indeed missed. I'm looking at you, Charles. You too, Lorraine.
- The International Thriller Writers is coming out with a book of essays by authors talking about the 100 Greatest Thrillers. Writers talking about writers is intellectual porn.
- Don't get stuck in the middle of a row.
- The Dark Books for Dark Times panel was a bad idea. Now I have five more authors to read: Reed Farrel Coleman, Larry Beinhart, JT Ellison, Michael Lister and Duane Swierczynski.
- Harley Jane Kozak is just as beautiful in person. And she will sign your DVDs.
- Y'know who else is beautiful? Louise Penny. And she's coming to Rochester, too!
- Authors are still fans.
- Trey Barker knows everybody. Well, almost everybody.
- Jack Daniels is good.
- Sean Chercover and Marcus Sakey are still two of the nicest G-D guys you'll ever meet.
- If you ever want to bring down a ceremony, just give Julie Hyzy an award. (That's facetious, folks.)
- Shannon Clute is almost as knowledgeable about film noir as I am. (Also facetious.)
- Loren Estleman likes film geeks.
- If you're ever in Indianapolis, make sure to hit the TaTa Cuban Cafe.
- Sean Chercover was the second person to recognize my ring. The first was The Hungry Detective, Dan Wagner. And that was a year and a half ago.

More to come, if I think of them.

Will I learn as much in San Francisco next year? It's hard to believe. But SF is a town that is steeped in mystery, and mystery writers.


Julie Hyzy said...

Now I want to see this ring to see if I can "recognize" it! You've got me super-curious about it!

Great list! Thanks for including me.


Charles benoit said...

So many new authors you're going to force me to check out...
How about this: If I could only read one new author you learned about, who would it be?

Jared said...

New to me or new to you? Terence Faherty is one of the best authors not being read, for my money, so I'd tell you to check him out. Michael Lister and Stephen Jay Schwartz are new-new authors who I am eager to start reading.