Thursday, March 19, 2009

Megan Abbott

Edgar Award-winning author Megan Abbott will be gracing the daffodil-lined streets of beautiful Rochester, NY this Spring. She is going to be reading from her 2007 novel Queenpin, as well as the forthcoming Bury Me Deep. This book had huge buzz way back in October, and from the likes of Laura Lippman and Reed Farrell Coleman.

The event will be held Thursday, April 2 at 7pm on the campus of St. John Fisher College in the Golisano Academic Gateway building, Midlevel. It is open to the public and free of charge.

If you're into 50s-style pulp, film noir, or just great writing, and you're within 3 hours drive time, come on down. I'll buy you a drink afterward.

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Charles benoit said...

You MUST see this woman speak! She is a pal of mine, sure, but her books are out-fricken-standing! I am a big fan and have proudly turned a dozen or so folks onto her books - and I will force-march them all to the event if I have to. You can not miss this one, folks. Trust me.