Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Crime Beat

From one of my spies:
(Yeah, I got spies...):
(All right, it's Charles Benoit, but seeing as how he's working on a book set during WW2, he's probably picked up a lot of spy-type information!):

State police received a report of an alarm going off at the Tractor Supply store on Route 104 in the Town of Ontario on Saturday (2/14) at 1:22 am. According to police, Michael R. Ternoois, age 17, of Buerman Road in Sodus attached a stolen go-kart valued at $1799 to the bumper of his vehicel and began driving off with it in tow. He soon discovered that he could not control the pulled vehicle and asked his girlfriend, Amber M. Provoost, age 17, of Route 14 in Alton, to steer his vehicle while he rode and attempted to steer the go-kart. Police stopped the vehicle travelling southbound on Lincoln Road and took the pair into custody.

The youth of today - they can't even steal their own getaway karts. And did you notice what day this happened? I never would have thought of getting my wife a felony for Valentine's Day.

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