Monday, April 23, 2007

Sorry, Mike Sherwin

I am so glad that I decided not to iclude my beloved Toronto Blue Jays in this World Series Survivor, because the only team that had a worse week than the Jays were the Mariners, losers of 6 straight games. And with their star pitcher, "King" Felix Hernandez out, the outlook isn't good. They've got some power out there in the PacNo, but not a lot of pitching. And pitching wins Championships.

But back to the Jays. I sort of took the weekend off from baseball after I took Thursday's loss harder than I should have. The Jays are playing the Red Sox and Yankees for the next 4 games, so I'll root my hardest this week to make up for my absence this weekend.

What got me so discouraged? The AL East standings mirrored my emotional trajectory last week: Before Wednesday's game, the Jays were in 1st place; Before Thursday's game, they were in 2nd place; Before Friday's game, they were in a 3rd place tie with the Orioles, who they were playing over the weekend, and to who they surrendered a series sweep, much as the Yankess did to the Red Sox. I'm a little better now. The weather was beautiful over the weekend, and I found out my 3-year old son loves swinging the bat as much as anybody.

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