Wednesday, April 4, 2007

I Like Audiobooks

It's OK. Say it with me. There's no shame.

I'm not saying that it should replace your regular reading, but Audiobooks shouldn't be looked down upon for providing what they do. I listen to Audiobooks. A lot, lately. But I've been doing it off and on for years. I generally use them to introduce myself to authors I wouldn't have read otherwise. I listen to them on the way to, and back home from, work. Depending on traffic, and the length of the discs, I can get through almost 1 CD a day. It takes me 2-3 weeks to "read" a book like that, but it's not taking away from my other reading and I get exposed to some major authors I wouldn't necessarily otherwise read.

My first Audiobook years ago was NAKED PREY by John Sandford. I loved it. I went back and read all the Prey novels from the beginning, including NAKED PREY, in print. I recently borrowed a couple of Michael Connelly Audiobooks as well, THE LINCOLN LAWYER and THE POET. I was less than thrilled by LINCOLN, but I loved POET. I immediately went out and bought THE BLACK ECHO and it's on my pile to be read.

So, I encourage you, if you have a commute, or even if you're going on vacation, go to your nearest library and check one out. You might even try Charles' Audiobook for RELATIVE DANGER!

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Lorraine Bartlett said...

I love audiobooks and have listened to them for years. I particularly like to listen to them in the summer when I do my inventory for my co-op booth. It's a pretty boring task typing in a spreadsheet and tagging items, and a good story makes the task a lot easier. I must have listened to all the Harry Potter books at least 5-6 times each.