Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekend TV: Life 1.10

Crews and Reese investigate the death of a zen master when his body is found 10 years after he disappeared. Meanwhile, Crews gets new answers about the Bank of LA shootout and the killer of the Sebold family.

Note: I love the strangely incestual casting process that goes on in several of the shows I like. For instance, Robin Weigert, Adam Arkin and Titus Welliver, who all show up in this episode have been featured on SONS OF ANARCHY and Donal Logue joins the cast in Season 2, prior to being so great in TERRIERS last year. But when I heard that the two computer nerds in this episode were named Sean and Ryan, I couldn't help but think of Shawn Ryan, the creator of THE SHIELD and THE CHICAGO CODE, as well as Executive Producer of TERRIERS. Incestual indeed.

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