Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bouchercons of the Future!

The San Francisco Bouchercon is done. It's over. Get over it. It's time to look toward the future, which is especially easy for someone like me, who didn't go to Bouchercon 41. Still, it's always have something to work toward, so you should immediately check out the website for Bouchercon 42, which will be held September 2011 in lovely St. Louis, Missouri, at a time when the Cardinals will still be playing.

Reports coming out of B-Con are scarce on business meeting info, but the Women of Mystery blog points to these sites for Bouchercon in upcoming years:

2012 - Cleveland, Ohio

2013 - Albany, New York

2014 - Long Beach, California

Dates are not set this far out. And look, I'd love to go to Long Beach, but since I'm planning on being at St. Louis, and with the next two within a five-hour drive, I may be ready for a break in 2014. Just sayin'.

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