Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Last of the Red Hot Regular Season Eliminations

The Atlanta Braves were eliminated on September 27, the 18th team eliminated. I was close, they were my 19th team eliminated, on August 28

The Milwaukee Brewers were eliminated on September 28, the 19th team eliminated. They were my 18th team, whom I eliminated on August 21.

The New York Mets completed their ruin on what was supposed to be the final day of the season, September 30. They were the 20th team eliminated in actuality, but they were my 25th team to go, um, yesterday.

The San Diego Padres were the 21st team eliminated, in a one-game playoff with the Colorado Rockies, obviously my biggest mistake this year. I haven't gotten around to eliminating them yet, but I plan to do so soon.

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