Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Chicago Cubs were the first team to be swept out of the Division Series this year, on October 6. They were the 22nd team officially eliminated, but I had the long-term vision to eliminate them back on June 4th, my 10th elimination.

The Philadelphia Phillies were swept out of the playoffs the very same day, the 23rd team eliminated. I waited until August 28th to eliminate them, using my 20th elimination on them.

The 24th elimination came the next day in the American League, in California as the Angels themselves were swept. Again, this is another situation where I haven't quite gotten around to eliminating them, but I will.

The 25th team eliminated, and one of the most satisfying (sorry, Brian) came the next day when the Yankees were bounced once again. I don't know if they're going to let Joe Torre go or not, but I think you will see a very different Yankees team next year. I eliminated them on September 17th, using my 23rd elimination.

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