Monday, August 6, 2007

Not in the Cards

Oh, Boy. Here we go. I'm really getting into the good teams now. But there are very few teams left to eliminate that have losing records. In fact, the only one left is the St. Louis Cardinals. Yes, they won the World Series last year, but their pitching staff was gutted by Free Agency in the offseason, and the injury to Chris Carpenter in the preseason. They hung in there for a while, but have recently fell off, yielding second place in their division to the Chicago Cubs, and are currently riding a 5-game losing streak. St. Louis is a great baseball town, but it might be time to start looking at Rams training camp.

As an update, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays currently have an elimination number of 34 from the Wild Card race. They may be officially eliminated by the end of the month. As teams get eliminated, I will keep you updated.

Also, there have already been some mistakes I've made this year. As I said, the Cards are the last sub-.500 team to be eliminated, but that doesn't mean I haven't eliminated some plus-.500 teams. The Rockies and the afore-mentioned Cubs are not only winning, but in the playoff race. But the real surprise is the Seattle Mariners, tied with the Yankees, only a half a game out of the Wild Card. Hopefully, they'll fall off. We'll see.

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