Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Marlin Fishing

Egads! How is it that no matter how much you cut out of your life, the things that are still in your life expand to take up as much time, if not more, than the things you had in your life before? Sheesh. That, by way of vague explanation, is my way of apologizing for not posting as often as I had been or should be doing. It's a matter of prioritizing. I'll see what I can do.

But for now, I need to eliminate another team. It's getting tougher. I'm close to having to pick teams that have winning records. There will soon be broken hearts strewn across the heartland.

But not today. It's not like they're the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, but nobody really cares about the Florida Marlins, do they? That's why they can't hold onto their star players. That's why they can't get a new stadium deal, with time running out on their lease at Dolphins Stadium. Maybe they'll just move to Portland or Las Vegas and be done with it. Meh. Maybe not. These things take time, apparently. Maybe by then they'll field another World Series-caliber team. But not this year.

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