Monday, June 18, 2007

World Series Survivor is BACK! (With one less survivor)

I must apologize for missing my normal Monday post last week. I need some Time Management counselling, I think. Anyway, I would have needed to take a couple weeks off to work into the World Series, I'll just have to readjust the schedule. And the week off helped me, too, I think. It looks like I have my next 3 victims lined up, starting with Baltimore.

I sorta feel sorry for Baltimore. As much as I've been frustrated by the last 14 years of Blue Jays baseball, the Orioles have finished behind the Blue Jays much of the time. So, Orioles fans must feel that much more frustrated. Add in that they have experienced some success during the season in that time (I think it was 2004 that they were in first place into June), and it heightens the tension. I understand that several fans don't like the owner, Peter Angelos. Well, apparently the owner doesn't like the coach, either. After about two seasons' worth of games, Sam Perlozzo has been fired, the first managerial victim of the season. It looks as if the Orioles have given up on another season. Let's see if they can climb out of the basement.

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