Thursday, March 1, 2007

In Like a Lion!

Hello All!

I've been gone from here for much of February. Don't know if you've noticed. ;)

Actually, I've had several comments on my lack of bloggity, which is very flattering. Truth be told, I was having some problems with it. I had to go back and look at my initial reasons for starting this blog and looking at how I had handled it. The answers are thusly: I started the blog because of my writing. I wanted to establish even the slightest form of web presence so that, no matter what stage my writing "career" was at, it would give people a way to get in touch with me, and it would give me a forum to keep people updated on what I was doing about the whole thing. Answer to question #2: Poorly.

I didn't really have much to say about my writing "career" at the time I started the blog, but, as other dreamers will understand, I needed to think about things beyond where I was. And so, the blog was born. In order to create content and fill out my blog quotas, I decided to add more than just my writing to the subjects of the blog. I also decided that I could also incorporate other interests in my life into my blog, so I added Local Writers, the Blue Jays and movies to my blog. This backfired. Instead of always having something to talk about, I found my self pushing to find more things to talk about in each of the subject areas, shoving my writing to the side. A fatal mistake.

So, I've taken a blogging vacation. But now I'm back. The priorities are more or less back in place, and I'm making progress on the WIP. (For future reference, that's a Work-in-Progress.) The current goal is to have it done by the birthday on the 9th. That's 3 dozen for anyone counting. It's been about a year since I finished Charles' class, and it's been an on-again, off-again proposition. But I've built up momentum recently and I don't want to stop.

So, why am I back? Well, as I said, priorities are mainly in place now, and I realize where this blog falls. It's not as high as I thought initially. But I still think it's important. I'm not going to punish myself for being erratic with it, but I am going to try to stick on topic more. There will be less Blue Jays and less movies. I'll say something if I've got something genuine to say, but I won't force myself into blathering drivel. I still want to highlight local authors, as I think it's important. Especially Mystery/Suspense/Thriller novelists. There is a half-finished interview with Nelson Blish that I want to publish. I want to tell you about Robbi Hess and Patricia Ryan. And, of course, I want to check in with Charles and see how he's doing one year later.

But right now I've got to finish the WIP (see above). Got about 1200 words done tonight, so it's humming along...

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L.L. Bartlett said...

I stopped checking for a while, but clicked on my bookmark this morning and found you were back. Yea! The last 2-3 times I've tried to leave comments, though, I was bounced out. Hope this one makes it.