Monday, April 12, 2010

Justified Episodes

Well, the first three episodes of JUSTIFIED have become available on Hulu, and are embedded below. So far, it's not exactly what I expected, especially since I perceive this series as taking THE SHIELD's spot in the FX lineup, and since I know what could've been. It's more episodic in nature, and tends to focus more on the criminals than on our main character, Raylan Givens. This has painted a colorful world, but disconnected us from getting more involved with Givens, which is what will keep us coming back. I am encouraged that episode 5 will feature Raymond Barry as Givens' father, and have faith that we're not done with Walton Goggins' character from the pilot. Check here for new episodes every Friday.

Episode 1: Fire in the Hole - Raylan is exiled back to his hometown because of a "justified" shooting.

Episode 2: Riverbrook - Raylan tracks down a convict bluegrass band.

Episode 3: Fixer - Raylan is forced to meet with a troublesome informant, which leads to double- and triple-crossing.

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