Friday, September 14, 2007

Overdrive and Casino Royale

I just want to drop a note about a new way to listen to books.

The Monroe County Library System has recently added a service where you can download audiobooks, some to CD, have them for a 3-week period and have them returned for you automatically. I've downloaded probably a dozen of them since I found out. One of the titles I burned to CD was CASINO ROYALE by Ian Fleming. I'm not sure if this is the first James Bond adventure, but it seems fairly early in the series. The basic plot is remarkably close to the film that was released last year.

What I was surprised to discover was exactly how good an Fleming was as a writer. His ability to create suspense around something as simple as a card game is admirable and something I'm going to have to study. And the Bond character in this short novel is much more complex and philosophical than you ever see him on-screen. What a wonderful experience that might have gone undiscovered had it not been for audiobooks.

This may be another author for whom I'll have to get the books and actually read.


Lorraine said...

I haven't had good luck. I couldn't get one of the "chapters" of Charles's RELATIVE DANGER to download. And I can only listen it to it in the car, because it won't pause in "chapters" like most books on CD. My car CD player stops where you turn it off and picks up in the same place when you turn it back on.

Jared said...

I know what you mean, Lorraine! Quite a few of the titles I've "borrowed" have not burned automatically to disk like they should. I e-mailed about this glitch and they sent me the work-around. You have to choose that disk specifically from where it has been saved to your hard drive and add it to the burn list. You have to do each one of these individually. It rots, but it gets the job done.

Also, CASINO ROYALE was the first one I listened to in the car. I noticed it was one big 60-80 minute chunk, but I thought it was just that title. What a bummer!