Thursday, January 11, 2007

Say What?

There’s a strange thing that happens to writers. They forget what they write. It’s not like they forget that they wrote a book or a short story. Or the titles of the stories they have roaming the wasteland of submission. But specific turns of phrase or descriptions come out of the blue sometimes (“the blue” being that level just below consciousness that really kicks into gear when you’re on a roll).

I was reading over my work-in-progress, making sure my “voice” was consistent and doing a bit of editing. There were several times where I asked myself, “Did I write that?” That’s a crazy question, as I’m the only one that’s been writing the thing, and it’s not made any more sane by the fact that I’d been talking out loud to myself. There was no recollection of thinking of those groups of words in that way, and it was as if I was re-discovering a lost side of myself. Granted, that side of myself has just as many attributes and flaws as my normal side does, but it was still a cool feeling.

The key now is to harness “the blue” and hone it, make it work for me. Use it on a regular basis and make it an extension of my consciousness. And learn how to end an analogy before it gets too obtuse.


danzaland said...

I understand that notion. What little writing I have done in the past has had the same effect on me. I guess it is just getting into the zone and letting it all ride without any restriction.
Then again, what do I know.

Check out the link I left as "my web page". You may find some interesting stories there. MG has a way of just letting things ride to far off way out places and making it somewhat believeable.

danzaland said...